Smart English: A view from abroad

Seven anglophone nations, seven texts
Smart English is a series of texts aimed at students of primary and middle school ages. In this series, seven countries are highlighted separately: The UK, the USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Every country gets a different treatment.
Students will be surprised and challenged and will be stimulated to learn more about the English-speaking world.

Reading comprehension
‘Smart English: A view from abroad’ is designed for (international) students of primary or middle school age. These English texts take a look at anglophone nations from varying angles, ensuring student interest and motivation. Every text comes with either questions or assignments, or both. This way, students are challenged to learn more about the seven nations included.
These comprehensive texts at their own level, that they will need to read again to succeed, deepen the students’ reading skills and their comprehension.

Close reading
‘Smart English’-texts, specifically ‘Canada’ and ‘South Africa’, can be used to improve close reading skills in students.

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